Asbestos is a common building material that you will definitely find in buildings that were constructed in the late 1940s. So, if your building is old, you must hire professionals for asbestos inspection. They are found in domestic as well as commercial building premises. However, it is a wrong decision to handle asbestos all by yourself.

For people who are not aware, asbestos is a dangerous product. Overexposure to the same for a prolonged period will cause you to have deadly lung cancer and other breathing problems. Professionals have tools and wear PPE kits to remove the asbestos from different nooks and corners of the property. So, look for professionals for asbestos removal in Dudley. They will help you with the same.

What are the Things to Avoid During the Asbestos Removal Process?

If it gets contaminated with the air, asbestos will pollute the whole air within the property. So before the damage is done, avoid a few things before and during the asbestos removal process.

Avoid Cutting the Asbestos

Is the asbestos-containing material undamaged? Then, do not damage the same until the professionals arrive for the clearance process. Suppose you’ve found asbestos in the roofing shingles of your house. What should you do? Many people try cutting the same. This will release the threads into the air. This will end up contaminating the whole environment. Hence, unless the professionals start the removal process, ensure you do not apply sharp tools to the asbestos. Especially don’t even think of cutting the same.

Avoid Watering the Asbestos Products

If you think you can wash off the asbestos threads from the parts of the property, then you’re utterly wrong and misguided. You must not water the asbestos-based products at any cost. When asbestos gets wet, the fibres get released into the air and contaminate the same. This is not a proven method of the asbestos removal process. Again, if you use water pressure on the same, chunks of asbestos will fly out here and there, making the property dangerous for the inhabitants.

Avoid Using Drilling Tools

Like cutting, drilling is also not feasible for asbestos-based materials on the property. During drilling, dust is generated, and the same gets mixed into the air. Hence, it is undoubtedly very harmful to deal with asbestos materials in your home.

If asbestos content is detected in your property, make sure you get in touch with J Nash Asbestos Removal. We provide professional and safe services for asbestos removal for domestic and commercial properties.

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