You must check some important things if you live in a significantly aged home. Apart from checking the condition of the walls, windows and other installations, you should be careful about one crucial thing. You should remember to test the asbestos content on your property.

The Importance of Asbestos Removal in Kidderminster:

If your home was built during the 1950s and 60s, it might contain asbestos in some parts. You can find asbestos in different corners of the house, from roofing to old radiators. The particles from these asbestos installations are very harmful and can cause serious health troubles.

Health Complications Caused by Asbestos Fibres:

To get the asbestos removed, you must contact a professional asbestos removal in Kidderminster immediately. Below, you can find more about the health issues that this material can cost.

  1. Lung Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that can affect you and your family due to extended asbestos exposure. Medical experts believe this material causes 4% of all lung cancer cases. Persistent Cough, fever, chest pain and fatigue are some of the earliest symptoms of this disease. To avoid it, you should go for asbestos testing today.
  1. Pleural Disease: The pleura is a sensitive tissue covering your lungs’ outer surface. Prolonged exposure to asbestos or similar materials can damage the pleura and cause pleural diseases. The most common disorder is pleural plaque, which is caused due to the calcification of collagen.
  1. Asbestosis is another lung disease that can occur due to inhaling asbestos fibres. These fibres can scar the lungs, rendering them unable to inflate properly during breathing. To protect yourself from such disease, you should remove every dint of asbestos in the property.
  1. Ovarian Cancer: The inhaled asbestos fibre can be dangerous to women as it can affect the reproductive system. The thread flows through the bloodstream and involves the ovaries. This may cause the development of tumours, which later can prove to be cancerous. Asbestos can also cause a harmful mixture when it gets into contact with baby talcum powders.

Get asbestos removed from your home to protect your loved ones from these harmful health issues. You can call a professional source like J Nash Asbestos Removal for better assistance. We are a specialist in removing asbestos and scrap metals in Kidderminster. You can learn more about our service and reputation by visiting our website.