Scrap yards have increased to a great extent throughout the UK. Unlike other metals, scrap metal is infinitely recyclable. We all know that recycling is important for a cleaner and safer environment. You can also hire a professional to recycle scrap metal in Kidderminster. Here are some important things you must know about scrap metal.

Important Things You Should Know About Scrap Metal

1. What are the steps involved in scrap metal recycling?

You might think that scrap metal recycling only involves crushing scrap pieces of metal or melting them down; then, you definitely need to read this. There are several more activities to handle and process the metals.

  • Collection and sorting: Scrap metal is first collected from domestic and commercial sources and is sorted so metals can be sent to the right recycling facilities.
  • Shearing: This step involves cutting down large pieces of scrap metal into smaller ones.
  • Baling: It involves crushing metal into smaller cubes so it can be transported in an efficient manner.
  • Shredding: This step involves shredding large amounts of metal and comes in handy for complex scrap like end-of-line vehicles.
  • Separation: Scrap metal is then separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals using magnets or sorting by hand. After the completion of all these activities, the processed scrap metal is prepared for export.

2. Why is it essential to recycle scrap metal?

Scrap metal recycling is important not only for the sake of your business but for the environment as well. Here’s why it’s good to recycle scrap metal:

  • Profitable: Let’s start with the obvious; by recycling your scrap metal with a waste management company like SL Recycling, you are earning a profit from any scrap that can be used. It’s a no-brainer, really – why have scrap sitting at your site when you could sell it for money that can be reinvested into your business?
  • Conserves Raw Materials: You put old metal back into the system by recycling scrap metal and reducing the need for new virgin metal. As mining and purifying virgin metal require incredibly high energy levels, recycling scrap metal also emits fewer greenhouse gasses, which also benefits the environment.
  • Reduces Landfill: You reduce unnecessary landfill by reducing scrap metal rather than just throwing it away.

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