Asbestos could be hiding in any property in the UK built before 1999. Asbestos has been used widely for various purposes for ages. You might have to deal with it at some point in life. Handling asbestos isn’t an easy task and needs professional expertise. Removing it independently can expose you to microscopic airborne asbestos fibres. Long-term exposure to these fibres can cause acute diseases like lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. You must hire a professional expert for asbestos removal in Kidderminster. Let’s take a dig into the asbestos removal process.

Process for Asbestos Roof Removal

Wear Safety Gears

This is the most important step. You can’t start working on asbestos removal before wearing the proper safety equipment. You must wear overalls, goggles, hats, gloves, dust masks, and hoods. Besides, ensure no skin exposure and don’t forget to cover your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Clear the Area Around the Roof

Make sure the area surrounding your roof is clear, and cover the ground using polythene sheets. You will need to dispose of these later and also need a lot of sheets to wrap the roofing materials. You must also make sure that no harmful material makes its way into your outdoor space.

Access Point

You will now need to establish a safe access point and pathway to your roof. You can use scaffolding, a ladder, and a set of appropriately-covered walk pads. But please remember that whatever you use while working with asbestos requires proper disposal or disinfection.

Removing the Roofing Materials

Next, start with removing the roofing materials slowly and carefully. Avoid rushing in this step, as this can hurt you. There can be any fixings holding them down. You need to unscrew them first. If any roofing sheets have bolts that aren’t able to be unscrewed, you may need to break the sheet around those fixings. We suggest hiring a professional for asbestos removal, as doing it on your own is quite risky.


Waste disposal varies depending on where you live. Generally, recycling centres deal with asbestos efficiently. You can transport this waste in a car or hire a van if the quantity is large. A professional asbestos removal company can facilitate this entire process.

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