Are you burdened with unwanted scrap metals? Then the best way to declutter your home and get extra cash from the scrap metals is to get the same sold in the scrap yards. Exchanging unwanted metals through a scrap yard will make you get rid of the same and also help you with many financial funds. However, many wonder about how scrap metal is recycled. 

Scrap metal in Dudley can be recycled in different scrap yards. Before you take the metal into any scrapyard, read the blog to know the process. Here’s how scrap metal is recycled.

How to recycle scrap metal?

  • Stage 1: Collection of scrap metal from customers’ place

The first step involves collecting unwanted metal parts that must be taken to the scrap yard for recycling purposes. Once you’ve collected the whole scrap metal from the customer’s premises, you must deposit the same in the scrap yard for further processing. 

  • Stage 2: Sorting and separating different types of metalĀ 

The next step involves sorting the scrap metals to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous ones. This is vital as not all types of metals can be recycled. Hence to get the right value of scrap metal in Kidderminster, approach professionals at scrap yards. They will separate the scrap metals effectively and get them ready for recycling. 

  • Stage 3: Processing the scrap metal

The next step is to process the scrap metal. The metals are compacted and squeezed together electronically and cut into smaller pieces during the process. Hammer is used to melting the same smoothly. 

  • Stage 4: Melting the metal and purification of the same

A specific temperature is set to melt the scrap metals. It is a lengthy process, and it might take hours to melt the metals. Once all the metals have been liquified, they are poured into the moulds, and small bricks of metals are created. The electrolysis system is applied to remove contaminants from the metal. Removing contaminants is essential so that the process goes on smoothly. 

  • Stage 5: Solidification and final stageĀ 

The purified metals are then cooled to form a solid material. The metals are solidified into shapes so that they can be used further. This is the final stage of scrap metal recycling that the scrapyards perform. 

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